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„How a good vocal or instrumental recital should be“

„A good recital must be: expressive, and must be according to every existing passion. (...) that, as I already said before, every piece of the above mentioned characteristics, could contain various mixes of emotional, flattering, gay, beautiful or joking thoughts, and, so to say one has to put oneself in a different mood in every bar, so to be able to disguise oneself sometimes sad, sometimes gay, sometimes serious, and so on. This ability is highly necessary in music. The person who is able to fully understand this art, will not miss applause of the audience, and his recital shall be touching at any moment.”
From: J.J. Quantz:, “Versuch einer Anweisung die Flöte traversière zu spielen“, 11th part, 15th -16th §, Berlin 1752