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“Stephanie Bosch is an ambassador of Indian Music“
Leo Vervelde

Stephanie Bosch

started to play the flute at the age of six. She first studied recorder and transverse flute with Manfredo Zimmermann at the Musikhochschule Köln/Wuppertal, Germany where she obtained her Diploma of Music teacher in 1995, continued and intensified her studies with Prof. Han Tol and Thera de Clerck at the Rotterdams Conservatory where she completed her Bachelor of Performing Arts in 2000 and her Masters of Performing Arts in 2002 with First Class, Distinction. She participated regularly at numerous master classes of “Ancient Music” such as with Marion Verbruggen, Han Tol, Amsterdam Loeki Stardust Quartett, John Holloway and others. A lot of inspiration she got from master classes with Barthold Kuijken. She is the founder of the Baroque chamber music Ensemble „La Gioia Köln“ as well as playing baroque transverse flute with different Baroque Orchestras as the Telemannische Collegium Michaelstein, Collegium Cartusianum and L’arte del mondo.

By lucky coincidence she discovered the north Indian flute Bansuri and became a disciple of Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia, the world famous master of Indian Classical music, the “living legend of Bansuri”, honoured and awarded all over the world for his music.
Fascinated by the sweet sound of the instrument she studied with him in Bombay and Rotterdam and post graduated finally at the World Music Department of Rotterdams Conservatory under his guidance.
She accompanied her Guru in Europe as well as in Israel at the Jerusalem Festival of Music.
As a solo-artist on the Bansuri Stephanie Bosch has performed in Germany and the Netherlands, India, Sri Lanka and Pakistan.
For a long period she worked very close together with the Kathak dancer Durga Arya where she performed e.g. for the Goethe Institute Munich, Tanzhaus NRW and the State Museum of Berlin to name a few.
In Mai 2005 she was invited by the Royal Netherlands Embassy to a tour in Pakistan to play a few concerts over there with Pakistani musicians to support the inter cultural dialogue to create a sense of peace. In January 2006 she was invited by the Gundecha Brothers to play at the ´Pratishruti´ festival in Bhopal, India. In March 2007 she was doing the “Klangkosmos Weltmusik” Tour in NRW, Germany with 16 concerts, followed by an invitation of the WDR to record for a personal radio broadcast.
In the same year she postgraduated “summa cum laude” to „Masters of Performing Arts” on Bansuri, Indian Classical Music, at the Rotterdams Conservatory with Pt. Hariprasad Chaurasia. A few month later she got a scholarship for exceptional artistic qualities.